4 Eco Services, a leading provider of green and eco-friendly plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services releases new HVAC unit advice in preparation for cooler Fall and Winter months.

“One of 4 Eco Services’ biggest initiatives is educating our clientele,” comments Jeremy Prevost, 4 Eco Services CEO. “Annual maintenance on your home heating system will help maximize the life cycle of the unit, and also can help prevent costly HVAC breakdowns.”

Ian Williams, 4 Eco Services GM notes “We like to compile and share tips for homeowners to help prevent HVAC emergencies, and also to ensure monthly energy spends are as efficient as possible.”

Cool Weather HVAC System Preparation Tips from 4 Eco Services:

  • Schedule an annual maintenance check: regular system tune-ups are vital to ensure the unit is operating at capacity and can help prevent costly breakdown.
  • Test the thermostat: turn on the heat before the temperature really drops to check that the system is working.
  • Research installing a programmable thermostat: these can help regulate bills and save on heating costs.
  • Schedule a carbon monoxide test: CO is hard to detect as it is both tasteless and odorless. Gas-powered furnaces and water heaters may emit the most CO.
  • Consider having the furnace blower compartment vacuumed: pollen, dust, and debris have built up over the summer. A dirty unit does not run efficiently and can waste energy.
  • Change the filter: the air filters should be changed at the start of every season.
  • Look, Listen, Smell: Use your senses! Listen for odd noises and be aware of unusual smells coming from your HVAC unit. These can be indicators of a larger system issue.
  • Inspect air vents: check air vents for blockages to certify maximum air circulation. Obstructions can make the HVAC unit work harder and drive up energy bills.

Ian Williams also mentions, “While 4 Eco Services is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for emergency repairs, scheduling a maintenance check can prevent a headache or loss of heat when the cool weather sets in. Take care of your HVAC system by way of an annual inspection to reduce the likelihood of breakdown.”